Collection: Ppure Nagchampa

Ppure Nagchampa incense sticks, also known as masala sticks, are made from organic ingredients. Mainly, Kalmadi, sandalwood, and champaca are present in India. They are perfect for unwinding and relaxing after a stressful day of work. Incense sticks emanate positivity and eliminate negative energy. So, what are you waiting for? Order these now and purify your safe place. Make your home a peaceful environment. Lighting incense sticks while performing spiritual activities, like yoga and meditation, amplifies the experience and connection with your inner-self. Ppure Nagchampa incense sticks come in various scents. You name it, Nagchampa has it! From sweet cinnamon to calming lavender, whichever one you prefer. The smoke will purify and cleanse your home. It is perfect to light when you have guests coming over as it will ensure a memorable time. The soothing aura lets go of any tensions and help you process matters with a calm, clear mind. Each scent has a different packaging to distinguish it from the rest. You can light these up anywhere, even in your washroom with candles if you’re taking a bath. It will help lighten up the mood. Incense sticks awoke your senses, making you feel more sensual and happier. They will be perfect to use on a dinner date.