Collection: Singing Bowls

Initially, singing bowls originated in China and enhanced the spirit of our spiritual journey. These singing bowls are a different therapy phenomenon because healing with sound vibrations. Our website showcases Tibetan and chakra singing bowls of various sizes. It consists of a bowl and a mallet designed in unique engraved patterns on bowls accompanied with different colors. Best Singing bowls have been shown to help sleep by promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety and stress. The singing bowl's benefits include a boost of the immune system. It considerably reduced the severity of pain. The vibrations of a singing bowl can balance the body's energy system, resulting in positive changes in the body. Their outputs are surprising for meditation and deep breathing. You can use it by striking the bowl with its mallet or moving the mallet in the circular rim of the bowl's produces sounds filling the void room. The diversity in these sounds is the combination of different metals used in the formation of singing bowls. Shop now Tibetan singing bowls to enhance relaxing meditation and yoga experience.