Namaste India Incense

Discover the essence of tradition with Namaste India Incense, where heritage meets harmony. Founded in 1956 in the quaint town of Chintamani and evolving into the esteemed 'Orkay Fragrance' brand, we carry over 60 years of expertise in incense chemistry. Our journey from 'Sri Srinivasa Agarbathi Company' to the globally recognized 'Snake Brand' reflects our commitment to authenticity and quality. Infused with the principles of Ayurveda, meditation, and holiness, each agarbatti in our collection is an aromatic delight and a bridge to spiritual tranquility.
Our range, from everyday fragrances to the world's most exclusive and expensive agarbattis, is crafted to light up your home and soul. Embrace the purity, elevate your senses, and experience the luxurious touch of spirituality with Namaste India Incense. Perfect for special occasions, daily rituals, or as a thoughtful gift, our incense is more than a scent—it's a journey through India's aromatic heritage. Join us in this fragrant voyage, and let Namaste India Incense be a part of your life's most serene moments.

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