Reiki Pyramid

Reiki Pyramids are the perfect partners for your reiki session. A pyramid is one of the most potent shapes that stores energy. You can set these in your locker, offices, and rooms as a source of protection, good results, positive energy, and relationships. You will feel more successful and prosper at your goals. A pyramid is a powerful tool for healing chakras and harmonizing your soul, body, and mind. Use these for meditation, yoga, and reiki. Reiki is a therapy with the gentle touch of a hand. It promotes calmness and lets go of all your anxieties and tension, and you feel euphoric and safe. Reiki pyramids will improve your mental health and balance your worldly urges. Place these in the room where you meditate and perform reiki. Using these for your clients will help them have a better experience. Reiki pyramids have multiple benefits. You can use these for wish fulfillment. Feel all the negative energy alleviate and enjoy some peaceful time to yourself.

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