Crystal Pyramid

Our Crystal Pyramids are famous for their beauty and healing properties. The way they reflect light is a heavenly sight to see. These are used for wish fulfillment. Crystal pyramids let go of any toxic energy inside you and your space. Place these in the southwest corner of your homes and offices or the southeast corner for maximum positive energy. Crystal pyramids work like a prism and are used in Vastu. Setting these near your window will attract positive chi in shops, offices, and homes. It is an incredible gift for your friends and family. Use these to cleanse your aura. Let the fruitful energy flow through your body and surround you. Crystals have the power to channel your energy levels. Hence they focus on healing you internally and then your surroundings. If you need extra healing and protection, place crystals in every corner of your room and feel the energy. If you’re making a grid, connect crystals and start your ritual with a positive intention to activate the stones. Crystal pyramids will help if you’re dealing with depression and anxiety as they help heal from traumas. Sunlight and moonlight help charge crystals. The full moon is the optimal energy source for your crystal as it signifies fresh beginnings, so be mindful and take advantage of this period.

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