Crystal Wand

Our colorful crystal wands are used for various healing techniques. You can use them to heal your entire body and aura. They can be targeted at a specific chakra if you’re feeling any blockages, and you can even target them at specific areas of your body. Crystal wands are perfect for scanning any blockages in your chakra if you’re confused and surround yourself with positivity. These are the ideal tools for cleansing and healing. Crystal wands are also known as chakra wands. Use these in your rituals and therapy sessions to enhance the experience. You will be able to channel magical energy just like you’re a wizard. You can use these wands on yourself and your clients when they come for healing. We have crystal wands available in multiple crystals, each which magical properties. Use these to alleviate negative energy and feel refreshed. Incorporate these wands into your beauty routine. Roll the wand on your face after applying serum with a light pressure above your eyebrows towards your temples. Using this under your eyes will help diminish dark circles and tighten your cheeks with daily use. In particular, rose quartz will help you calm down as this stone encourages universal love. Black obsidian will detoxify and protect your skin. Green Jade helps define and tone, and white jade contours and refreshes.

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