Collection: Jericho Flowers

Jericho flowers, also known as the Rose of Jericho and the Resurrection Flower, have this unique name because they are so full of energy they seem to come back to life after they die. After Jericho flowers die, they curl up and transition into a brownish shade instead of withering, appearing as if dead for years. These flowers are symbolic of an ancient herb in many religions and cultures. For centuries this ancient herb has been used as a traditional ailment for several health problems, like menstrual pain, diabetes, physical pain, and sometimes to induce labor. When this flower is dehydrated, it may smell a bit musty. If the smell becomes unpleasant and the color transitions to a darker, almost black color, your flower is rotting. Never put your Jericho flowers in water for long periods, or this might happen. Some people consume Jericho flowers as well. They are used as herbal tea by using their seeds or dried flowers and leaves. Jericho flowers are also infused in beauty products due to their skin benefits. The skin stays moisturized, and water retention is improved, making the skin feel fresher and plumper. This herb symbolizes resurrection and life in several cultures. Heathy plant compounds in these flowers include chlorogenic acid, quercetin, kaempferol, and luteolin. These compounds may help reduce blood pressure, reduce and soothe painful inflammation, and might even have anti-cancer effects.