Abalone Shell 5-6 Inch

The Abalone Shell 5-6 Inches is the perfect way to bring an alluring, beachy vibe to your home. This beautiful shell is ideal for smudging rituals with Palo Santo Sticks - a popular incense used in spiritual and energy cleansing ceremonies. Boasting vibrant blues and greens, this natural shell symbolizes peace, clarity, beauty, and prosperity.
Whether you're looking for an elegant decorative piece or want to purify your space with a soothing smoke ritual, the Abalone Shell 5-6 Inches is sure to add sparkle and positive energy to any home. Enjoy its unrivaled beauty while burning Palo Santo Sticks over it for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Add some seaside charm to your decor with the Abalone Shell 5-6 Inches today!