AILKE Multi Vitamin Whitening Body Lotion


Introducing AILKE's Multi-Vitamin Whitening Body Lotion! This revolutionary lotion is formulated with Vitamins A, E, B3, and B5 to increase the skin tone and its radiance. It not only provides immediate moisturizing effects but also offers long-term nourishment for your skin. The refreshing lotion quickly absorbs into the skin and is gentle enough to be used by people of any age. It helps to whiten the skin, reduce signs of aging, and deeply hydrate it for a healthier complexion. Try out this amazing lotion today and see the difference! AILKE's Multi-Vitamin Whitening Body Lotion protects and nourishes your skin in one simple step! Get ready to experience brighter, more luminous skin with AILKE's Multi-Vitamin Whitening Body Lotion!


• Formulated with Vitamins A, E, B3, and B5 for enhanced skin radiance.

• Quickly absorbs into skin with no oily residue.

• Suitable for people of any age.

• Helps to reduce signs of aging and deeply hydrate the skin.

• Protects and nourishes your skin with one simple step.

• Refreshing lotion that leaves your skin feeling brighter and more luminous.

• 36-month expiration date.

• 500ml package size.


• Evens skin tone and increases its radiance.

• Provides immediate moisturizing effects and long-term nourishment.

• Reduces signs of aging for a healthier complexion.

• Leaves your skin feeling brighter, more luminous, and deeply hydrated.

Order AILKE's Multi-Vitamin Whitening Body Lotion now, and experience the difference it can make in your skin's appearance! Protect and nourish your skin with one simple step. Get ready for brighter, more luminous skin today! With AILKE's Multi-Vitamin Whitening Body Lotion, you can trust that your skin is getting the best care. 

Usage Tips:

• Gently massage onto clean and dry skin.

• Use every morning and evening for best results.

• For external use only; avoid contact with eyes.

• Store in a cool and dry place.


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