Copper Oracle Pendulum


Unlock the mysteries of energy and space with our Copper Oracle Pendulum, a tool of precision and beauty. Inspired by sacred geometry, this pendulum is exquisitely sensitive, making it ideal for identifying beneficial energies in any area or space. The design, featuring a brass construction with copper plating, ensures both elegance and functionality. A matching copper bead at the end of the attached chain guarantees a secure grip, preventing the pendulum from slipping between your fingers. This ancient tool, with its roots tracing back to over 1640 years before its European introduction, serves as a powerful antenna for amplifying spiritual signals, providing clear guidance and answers from the spiritual realm.

Key Features:

  • Sacred Geometry Design: Enhances sensitivity and precision.
  • Copper Plating on Brass: Offers both beauty and durability.
  • Secure Grip Chain: Copper bead at the end ensures steady handling.
  • Versatile Divination Tool: Ideal for discovering energies and spiritual guidance.
  • Rich Historical Roots: A time-honored method for communication with the spiritual world.


  • Material: Brass with Copper Plating
  • Design: Based on Sacred Geometry
  • Chain: With Copper Bead for Secure Grip
  • Usage: Divination, Energy Discovery

The Copper Oracle Pendulum is an indispensable tool for those seeking to explore deeper spiritual insights or to harmonize with the energies of their surroundings. Its blend of ancient wisdom and modern design makes it a valuable addition to any spiritual practice.


  • How do I use the pendulum for divination?
    • Hold the chain, ask your question, and observe the pendulum's movement for answers.
  • Can this pendulum be used by beginners?
    • Yes, it's designed for easy use by both beginners and experienced practitioners.
  • How should I care for the copper pendulum?
    • Keep it dry and clean it with a soft cloth to maintain its shine and sensitivity.

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