Incense Burner - Wooden Round Plate Flowers - 4 inches

Do you love the smell of incense but hate the messy ashes?

Then this Incense Burner is perfect for you! This little Incense Stick Holder is round and flat, like a thick coaster. Simple flowers are carved into its top, with four holes holding four incense sticks upward. The dark brown incense stick burner is hand-carved in India from Sheesham wood, also known as Indian rosewood.

Features & Benefits:
  • Hand-carved in India from Sheesham wood: This dark hardwood is known for its attractive appearance, with darker streaks that give the wood its unique look.
  • Designed specifically to enhance the natural dance of the fragrant incense smoke: The burner has four holes to hold incense sticks, so the smoke wafts out in a beautiful pattern.
  • Classical Indian style: This burner combines a traditional look with your favorite aroma.
How it works: Place an incense stick in one of the four holes to use this burner and light it. The smoke will waft out in a beautiful pattern, filling your home with the scent of your favorite incense.

Customer reviews:

"This incense burner is so beautiful, and it does enhance the smoke of my incense sticks. I love it!"

"I was hesitant to buy this because I thought it would be too small, but it's the perfect size for my needs. It's also very well-made and looks great on my coffee table."

"I love the smell of incense, but I don't like the ashes. This burner is perfect because it holds the incense sticks upright, so there are no ashes. It's also beautiful to look at."