Madina Black Seed Lotion

Overflowing with the integrity of regular concentrates, Black Seed moisturizing cream assists with leaving the skin lighter, firmer, and smoother. The Black Seed lotion profoundly retains into your skin, giving the expected supplements and dampness.
It lessens and controls the abundance of oil to guarantee the right dampness balance. It is advanced with Vitamin E and black seed oils to safeguard skin from contamination and daylight. This all-regular cream made with black seed oil leaves your skin conditioned, firm and smooth, and improved with shea butter to mellow skin, while dark seed oil controls the abundance of oils and guarantees an even complexion. Blurs dim spots and age spots while firming free, hanging skin.
Black seed lotion benefits intensely, and black seed oil has been helpful to individuals in Asia, Africa, and the Middle and the Far East to advance their well-being and battle sickness. It has helped treat various diseases connected with respiratory health, stomach, and gastrointestinal grumblings, and kidney and circulatory systems. Black seed lotion has been demonstrated as an anti-infection against cancer, calming, hostile to histaminic, aggressive to bacterial, against bronchial, and resistant to support specialists.
  • Develops well-being of the skin
  • Adds moisture to the body
  • Incredibly scented