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Satya Palo Santo Backflow Cone Incense

Satya Palo Santo Backflow Cone Incense

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Satya Palo Santo Backflow Cone Incense is a fantastic product that provides a powerful, earthy scent with healing properties. Burn this incense to create a peaceful atmosphere and open your mind to spiritual guidance. It produces smoke that flows downward, creating beautiful smoke trails as it travels down toward the base of the cone.

Product Benefits:

-It creates a peaceful atmosphere and opens your mind to spiritual guidance.

-Fills the space with an earthy scent that supports your well-being.

-Beautiful smoke trails travel downward, creating a calming visual experience.

-The traditional incense formula helps to clear negative energy and enhance positive vibes.

Product Features:

-Each cone is handcrafted with natural ingredients and essential oils.

-Made with ethically sourced Palo Santo wood.

-Includes a wooden base to collect the smoke and protect furniture from heat damage.

-Conveniently packaged in boxes of 10 cones for your convenience.

How to use:

-Light the tip of the cone and wait for it to burn.

-Place the burning cone on an Incense burner or in a safe fireproof holder.

-Allow the smoke to drift downward and fill your space with calming vibes.

-Extinguish by pressing it into an ashtray after use

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