Spider queen (purple) 1 color 7 day candle

This Spider queen (purple) color 7-day candle is perfect for setting the mood and adding a touch of glamour to any room. The deep, rich color is perfect for creating a dramatic ambiance, while the long-lasting burn time ensures you can enjoy your candle for hours on end. Whether you're looking to create a romantic atmosphere or simply want to add a touch of luxury to your home décor, this spider queen (purple) color 7-day candle is a perfect choice.
  • It Measures 2 3/8 inches wide x 8 inches tall and burns for approximately 120 hours.  
  • Made of 100% Paraffin Wax with a clean burning cotton wick (no lead).
  • Color pigment & image may vary from photo.
  • This candle is capable of burning for up to 120 hours.
  • Burn this candle to attract love to your life or intensify your relationship's love.