Tibetan Singing Bowl Set for Meditation Sound Chakra Healing


Discover a sanctuary of serenity with our Tibetan Singing Bowl Set designed for meditation, chakra healing, and pure relaxation. Elevate your mindfulness practice and create an atmosphere of tranquility with the enchanting harmonies produced by these exquisite bowls.

Key Features:

  • Complete Meditation Set: Our package includes a meticulously crafted Tibetan Singing Bowl, a purposeful mallet, and a plush cushion, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless meditation experience.
  • Chakra Healing: Unlock the potential of chakra healing with the resonating vibrations of our singing bowls. Each bowl is attuned to specific frequencies, promoting balance and alignment within your energy centers.
  • Relaxation and Inner Peace: Let the rich, soothing tones of the singing bowls wash over you, melting away stress and inviting a deep sense of inner peace. Perfect for meditation sessions or creating a calming ambiance in any space.
  • Exquisite Design: The beauty of our singing bowls goes beyond their sound. Adorned with intricate designs, these bowls add a touch of elegance to your meditation space, making them a visual delight as well.


  • Material: High-quality metal alloy
  • Cushion Material: Soft, durable fabric

Elevate your meditation practice and embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. Crafted with precision, this set is not just an instrument but a pathway to tranquility. Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies, find balance through chakra healing, and let the beauty of the design enhance your sacred space. Unwind, breathe, and embrace the serenity that awaits.


Q1: How do I use the singing bowl for meditation?

A1: Place the bowl on the cushion, strike it gently with the mallet, and let the vibrations guide your meditation. Experiment with different strikes and enjoy the resonance.

Q2: Can the singing bowl be used for other purposes?

A2: Absolutely! Beyond meditation, these bowls are perfect for yoga sessions, sound therapy, or creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Q3: Is the set durable and long-lasting?

A3: Yes, our singing bowl set is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. With proper care, it will be a cherished companion on your mindfulness journey.

Transform your moments of meditation into an extraordinary experience with our Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. Embrace the profound calmness that resonates from within and make each session a celebration of serenity.