Dreamcatcher Bracelet

Dreamcatchers are famous and originate from the Native Americans. They believed the night air had dreams floating around, both bad and good. Dreamcatchers would help trap nightmares and let good dreams flow through, like a spiderweb. Nightmares get destroyed when the sun comes out by the sunlight hitting the dreamcatcher. The feathers on a dreamcatcher help good dreams come to the person sleeping. Dreamcatcher bracelets have a similar purpose. They are also a symbol of unity between tribes and individuals. Natives see it as a symbol of their culture and identity. Dreamcatcher bracelets can also be worn for aesthetics and positivity. They are believed to alleviate any negative energy inside, or around you. Being positive will help you feel more confident, boost your self-esteem and help you achieve your goals. You can wear these with other bracelets and watches. These are more of a symbol as you can’t hang them above your bed, but believing in their power will do wonders for you and your sleep. You can buy the same dreamcatcher bracelet for your best friend and yourself as a symbol of friendship. These are available in both gold and silver, along with charms.

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