China Rain Fragrance Oil


China Rain Fragrance Burning Oil invokes warm and inviting aromas that create a calming atmosphere. This high-grade burning oil is made with the finest sweet almond oil to ensure it burns long and clean for maximum fragrance diffusion. Its delicate floral scent will fill your home or office with an exquisite aroma that encourages relaxation and comfort. The warm, nutty aroma of sweet almond oil and a hint of jasmine and ylang-ylang creates an uplifting scent that will fill your space with a light, airy ambiance. Experience the warmth and relaxation of China Rain Fragrance Burning Oil today!

Benefits of China Rain Fragrance Burning Oil:

-Made with high-quality sweet almond oil for clean burning and long-lasting fragrance

-Invokes a warm, inviting atmosphere with its gentle floral aroma

-Perfect for creating a relaxing and calming ambiance at home or in the office

-Uplifting scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang perfectly blended with nutty notes of sweet almond oil for a unique, inviting aroma

-Non-toxic and safe for use around family and pets.

China Rain Fragrance Burning Oil is the perfect way to bring an alluring scent into any space. Enjoy its calming, comforting aromas as you relax after a long day! With its high-quality ingredients and exquisite blend of scents, China Rain Fragrance Burning Oil will surely enhance your home or office atmosphere. Enjoy its captivating aroma today!

How to use China Rain Fragrance Burning Oil:

-Add 6-7 drops of oil to your favorite diffuser.

-For a larger space, use 2 tablespoons of oil and combine with water in a spray bottle for optimal fragrance diffusion.

-You can apply the oil directly onto an aromatherapy fabric pouch or cotton balls and place it near air vents for maximum scent coverage.

-Keep out of direct sunlight and do not spray near open flames or other heat sources when using in a spray bottle.