Madina Indian Hemp & Vetiver Soap


Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver Bar Soap is a well-known product globally. It brings superior, milder clean to dry, unpleasant skin. Consolidating old insight with present-day skin health management, this hemp bar soap encompasses you in a reviving fragrance of the outside while calming foam washes away your considerations. They are beginning with a base of the ensured natural shea butter. The makers took advantage of the customary mending mysterious of Neem Oil, a rich cream that profoundly sustains healthy skin. Utilize this Indian Hemp and Vetiver Bar Soap in the shower or for the face as it benefits you and phenomenal expansion to any healthy skin routine. Indian Hemp products are loved all over India and other places to maintain healthy skin. Its main ingredients are Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Neem Oil, Vetiver, and Vitamin B5. The soap safeguards recuperation restores, and balances skin, unwinding and encouraging the skin. Indian hemp and vetiver soap reviews are commendable from our worthy customers, so order yours now!

  • All skin types, 
  • Resolve issues of skin
  • Natural, outlandish flower
  • Body cleanser bar made with a feeding Organic Shea Butter.