The most powerful helping hand (green) 1 color 7 day candle

Looking to add some extra power to your spell work? This green 7-day candle is perfect for when you need a little extra help. Just light it and let it burn for seven days while you focus on your intention. Whether you're looking for financial assistance, help with relationships, or just general good fortune, this candle is here to boost you. Trust us; a little extra helping hand never hurts when it comes to manifestation. So, let this candle do its work and get ready to see some amazing results.

This powerful green candle is perfect for:

-When you need a little extra help manifesting your goals

-When you want to boost the power of your spells and rituals

-When you need some extra luck and good fortune

So, don't wait any longer; light this candle and watch as your life starts to change for the better. Remember, a little help can go a long way!

So what are you waiting for? Get your candles today!