Copal Fragrance Oil


Copal Fragrance Burning Oil is a unique and powerful fragrance addition to any home or ritual space. This burning oil is made from natural resins harvested from plants native to Mexico, such as Copal, Benzoin, Pechote, Myrrh, and Dragon's Blood. These resins are carefully distilled into an exquisite aromatherapy oil that brings a deep, calming, and comforting atmosphere to any space.

Copal Fragrance Burning Oil has an incredibly potent scent with exotic notes of incense for an unforgettable fragrance experience. In addition to its captivating aroma, it carries spiritual symbolism and cleansing qualities that can help you clear negative energy or intent from any space. With just a few drops of Copal Fragrance Burning Oil, you can create an atmosphere perfect for meditation, deep relaxation, and spiritual cleansing.

It's the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a beautiful scent and powerful energy to their home or rituals. Make Copal Fragrance Burning Oil part of your fragrance experience today!

The benefits of Copal Fragrance Burning Oil:

• All-natural ingredients harvested from Mexican plants

• Captivating and exotic aroma with incense notes

• Symbolizes cleansing and spiritual energy

• Perfect for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual cleansing

• Easy to use – just a few drops of oil is all you need!

How to use Copal Fragrance Burning Oil:

• Add a few drops of oil to any fire-safe container, such as an incense holder or candle plate.

• Light the wick and let the oil burn until it’s gone, allowing the aroma to fill your space.

• Enjoy the comforting scent of Copal Fragrance Burning Oil!