ELEGUA-ORISHAS Red / Black 7 DAY CANDLE is the perfect choice for those seeking to bring powerful divine energy into their spiritual practice. This beautiful seven-day candle is infused with potent energy from the Orishas - powerful African deities representing different aspects of nature, life, and spirit.

The red and black combination symbolizes a balance between passion and protection, making it ideal for any ritual or meditation practice! Its all-natural beeswax blend burns slowly and evenly, releasing a soothing fragrance that can fill your entire space with peace and tranquility.

Light this candle during your daily devotions to invoke the power of ELEGUA-ORISHAS in your life - prosperity, abundance, wisdom, and protection. Its vibrant colors and invigorating aroma will make it a centerpiece of your spiritual practice. Get ready to experience the power of ELEGUA-ORISHAS with this amazing seven-day candle!