Espiritu Santo/holly Spirit 1 Color (White) 7 Day Candle


This beautiful Espiritu Santo/Holy Spirit 1 Color (White) 7-Day Candle is the perfect way to celebrate your faith. Handcrafted with pristine white wax, this candle will burn for seven days, symbolizing a week of prayer and meditation. This stunning piece can be placed in any corner of your home - whether in the kitchen, living room, or even your bedroom - as a reminder of your faith and dedication. It also makes an excellent gift for any special occasion, reminding loved ones of their holiness and peace. Bring light to your home with this Espiritu Santo/Holy Spirit 1 Color (White) 7-Day Candle. Celebrate your faith and fill your home with its soft, warm glow.

Light up the night and bring a spiritual presence into your home or special event with this Espiritu Santo/Holy Spirit 1 Color (White) 7-Day Candle. With the highest quality wax and wick, you can trust it will burn brightly for seven days of prayer and meditation. The pristine white polish will be sure to light up any room, while the beautiful glass jar encasing the candle adds an elegant touch. Whether you want to bring a sense of faith into your home or give the perfect gift, this seven-day candle is the ideal choice.