The Juan Minero-John, the Miner 7-Day Candle, is a perfect way to honor and connect with the powerful miner Orisha of light, love, luck, and wealth. This candle has been created with carefully chosen herbs and stones in conjunction with blessed oils believed by many to bring forth newfound fortune and help manifest your desires.

Light it for seven days to invoke the blessings of prosperity and help guide you through difficult times. Its vibrant blue hue radiates positivity, while its white color symbolizes hope and protection from all harm. Whether used as part of a spiritual practice or simply for its captivating aroma, this candle will surely add more magic to your home or ritual space. Invite good luck, positivity, and abundance into your life with the Juan Minero-John the Miner 7-Day Candle.

This candle can be burned on an open flame or a suitable electric warmer to release its fragrant aroma. Burn it for seven days and nights as you set goals and intentions to bring more prosperity and success into your life. All of the ingredients in this candle are handpicked to honor the powerful miner Orisha who brings forth luck and wealth, making it a perfect way to show him respect.

So if you’re looking for something special that will add charm and magic to your home or ritual space, look no further than this lovely candle! Let John the Miner light your path and bring you good fortune with the Juan Minero-John the Miner 7-Day Candle.