Lonely soul (red) 1 color 7 day candle

Are you feeling lonely? The LONELY SOUL (Red) 1 COLOR 7 DAY CANDLE is perfect for you! The perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Feeling down? The LONELY SOUL (Red) 1 COLOR 7 DAY CANDLE will help you find your happy place.

No one should have to suffer through the pain of being lonely. With this red candle, you can help relieve the feeling of loneliness and boost your mood. This all-natural soy candle will burn for up to 7 days, and its warm light will provide you with a sense of comfort.

The sweet, floral scent of the candle will also help to soothe your emotions. This candle is perfect for anyone who is going through a tough time or who just needs a little extra love.

The powerful color red symbolizes strength and courage and can help to empower you to get through anything. So light this candle and know that you are not alone.