The OCHOSI-ORISHAS 7-DAY CANDLE is a unique and powerful tool for achieving your divine intentions. Crafted from the highest quality wax, this candle features a striking purple hue with blue accents to represent the power of the Ochosi Orishas. It will remain lit for up to seven days, allowing you to set conscious intentions and create lasting change in your life or business.

It has been anointed with pure essential oils that add a pleasant aroma while amplifying the energies of its namesake god. Whether you are seeking success, protection, justice, or guidance, light this candle as part of your spiritual practice to invoke the blessings and protection of Ochosi-Orishas into your life. With its powerful connection to this deity, the OCHOSI-ORISHAS 7-DAY CANDLE is sure to transform your spiritual journey. Allow its energy and beauty to bring peace, love, and prosperity into your world today.

Light it with faith, trust, and gratitude to manifest divine blessings. Let the energy of Ochosi-Orishas guide you toward a better tomorrow. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you ignite the flame on this special candle! Order yours now!

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