Introducing the ORUNLA-ORISHAS (Yellow and Green) 7-DAY CANDLE. This special candle honors the Orisha spirit of divination, healing, wealth, and protection. The colors yellow and green are associated with this particular Orisha and signify its powerful healing energy.
The candle is made from a unique blend of essential oils and herbs, carefully chosen to enhance its spiritual properties. When lit, it fills the room with a beautiful scent that helps to soothe your mind, body, and spirit. This candle burns for up to seven days and provides a powerful energy source for your practice.
Light the candle when seeking guidance or protection and allow its energy to surrounding you. Embrace its power as it brings divine insight and healing into your life. ORUNLA-ORISHAS (Yellow and Green) 7-DAY CANDLE is the perfect way to honor this powerful spiritual being in your home or sacred space. Let its energy bring peace, joy, and abundance into your life!