Do you need help with a problem?

St. Anthony is known as a miracle worker and can help you with problems of health, peace, love, happiness, and money.

St. Anthony 7 Day Candle is an all-purpose candle that can help you with various problems. Made of 100% paraffin wax, it burns for approximately 120 hours. The St. Anthony candle is sure to give you the help you need.

Features & Benefits:

-All-purpose: Can be used for a variety of problems

-100% paraffin wax: Clean burning and long-lasting

-Approximately 120 hours of burn time

How it works: To use the St. Anthony candle, simply light it and let it burn for seven days. As it burns, focus on your intention and visualize your problem being solved. On the seventh day, snuff out the candle and thank St. Anthony for his help.

Here's what our customers are saying:

"I lit the St. Anthony candle for help with my job search. I got a call for an interview the very next day!"

"I was having a lot of trouble with my health, and nothing was working. I lit the St. Anthony candle, and I was feeling better within a week."

"I was having money problems and lit the St. Anthony candle. I got a check in the mail the very next day!"

Thank you for choosing St. Anthony 7 Day Candle.