It introduces Saint Michael Revocation (Red) 1 Color 7-Day Candle, a powerful tool for spiritual protection and cleansing negative energies. This candle is made from natural beeswax blended with carefully selected essential oils and herbs, including myrrh, frankincense, sage, cinnamon, and other resins.

As it burns slowly over seven days, a powerful shield is created around the home and sacred space. It’s also said to have the power to break hexes, curses, spells, and other forms of spiritual attack that can cause harm in your life. The scent of this candle will fill your home with the divine energy that brings protection, peace, and serenity.

We know you will love this candle for many reasons:

Its powerful protection properties, long-lasting burn time, and natural ingredients. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced spiritual practitioner, this candle will become indispensable to your spiritual practice. It’s perfect for daily use, special rituals, or ceremonies where extra spiritual protection is needed. Thank you for choosing Saint Michael