Saint Simon (Blue) 1 Color 7 Day Candle


This stunning Saint Simon (Blue) 7-Day Candle is a beautiful way to add light and warmth to your home. The stylish blue wax features an intricate pattern, with swirls of color creating an eye-catching design. The 1 Color, the 7-Day Candle has been handcrafted using the highest quality beeswax and carefully blended scents, providing an unforgettable aroma when lit. This luxurious Candle will burn for seven days, giving you plenty of time to enjoy its beautiful flickering light and luscious scent. Perfect for any living space, Saint Simon (Blue) 7-Day Candle is sure to bring a touch of elegance to your home.

This delightful Candle also makes the ideal gift for any special occasion. Give a unique and thoughtful present that will be treasured for years. With its stunning design, long-lasting burn time, and magnificent scent, Saint Simon (Blue) 1 Color 7 Day Candle is a welcome addition to any home.