Tom Ford (M) Burning Oil


Tom Ford (M) Fragrance Burning Oil is the ultimate addition to your home fragrance collection. Made with the finest ingredients and crafted to perfection, this burning oil offers a rich and luxurious scent that will transform your living space.

With top notes of black pepper, bergamot, and ginger, this fragrance oil offers a spicy and masculine aroma that will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. As the oil burns, the heart notes of tobacco leaf, pepperwood, and coffee add a warm and earthy depth to the scent. Finally, the vetiver, cedar, and patchouli base notes create a rich and complex fragrance that will linger in the air long after the oil has burned.

But the benefits of Tom Ford (M) Fragrance Burning Oil don't stop there. This oil is designed to be used in various ways, making it a versatile addition to any home fragrance routine. Use it in an oil burner to fill your home with the scent of luxury, or add a few drops to a warm bath to create a relaxing and indulgent experience. You can even use it as a natural air freshener by adding a few drops to a spray bottle filled with water.

And because this fragrance oil is made with high-quality ingredients, you can feel confident that it is safe to use around your home. So why settle for ordinary air fresheners when you can elevate your home fragrance game with Tom Ford (M) Fragrance Burning Oil? Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.