Ylang Ylang Fragrance Oil


Ylang Ylang Fragrance Burning Oil is an exotic and luxurious experience that will fill your home with a warm, sensual aroma. The oil is made from the finest ylang-ylang essential oils distilled in France, giving it a unique and aromatic smell. This highly concentrated fragrance-burning oil can be used for aromatherapy, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your home or office.

The oil also works well for meditation, clearing the mind and promoting relaxation. Ylang Ylang Fragrance Burning Oil is perfect for romantic evenings, unwinding after stressful days, and creating an inviting ambiance wherever you go. Its alluring scent will make any space feel unique and intimate. Enjoy this wonderful scent and all it offers with Ylang Ylang Fragrance Burning Oil.

Benefits of Ylang Ylang Fragrance Burning Oil:

• 100% Natural & Pure, free from any additives or chemicals.

• Highly concentrated and long-lasting aroma perfect for aromatherapy.

• Aromatic scent that works well for meditation and relaxation.

• Ideal for romantic evenings and creating an inviting ambiance.

• Promotes feelings of peace, tranquility, and joy.

• Gives any space a special, intimate atmosphere.

• Perfect for gifting to loved ones.

How to use Ylang Ylang Fragrance Burning Oil:

• add a few drops of oil on an oil burner or diffuser and light a tea light below to release its extraordinary aroma.

• You can also use the oil in an electric warmer, adding it directly onto the heating element.

• A single drop is enough to fill your home with its luxurious scent—no need to apply too much.

• You can add a few drops of oil to unscented candles, allowing the wax to slowly absorb the fragrance and fill your home with its beautiful aroma.