HEM Benzoin Incense Sticks


Infuse your space with the purifying aroma of HEM Benzoin Incense Sticks. Known for its versatile properties, benzoin incense is burned for purification, astral projection, and emotional balance. These sticks are crafted with care by HEM, a renowned brand for traditional Indian incense.

Key Features:

  • Purifying Fragrance: Benzoin incense clears negative energy and eases sadness, depression, and anxiety, promoting emotional balance.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for purification rituals, astral projection, and attracting prosperity.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Crafted with fine fragrances to ensure a rich and long-lasting scent experience.
  • Pack of 20: Each pack contains 20 sticks, providing ample fragrance for multiple uses.


  • Quantity: Pack of 20 incense sticks
  • Fragrance: Benzoin
  • Length: Standard incense stick size

Experience the transformative power of HEM Benzoin Incense Sticks. Whether you seek purification, emotional balance, or prosperity, these high-quality sticks offer a fragrant solution.


Q: How should I use benzoin incense sticks?

A: Burn benzoin incense sticks in a fire-safe holder and allow the purifying smoke to fill the space. Use during rituals, meditation, or to create a calming atmosphere.

Q: Can benzoin incense help with emotional balance?

A: Yes, benzoin incense is known for its ability to ease sadness, depression, and anxiety, promoting emotional well-being and balance.

Q: How long do the incense sticks burn?

A: Each stick burns for approximately 30 minutes, providing a long-lasting fragrance experience with each use.

Q: Is it safe to leave incense sticks burning unattended?

A: No, it's essential never to leave incense sticks, candles, or charcoal disks burning unattended. Always ensure that they burn on a fire-safe surface and keep them away from flammable objects.



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