Do you want to improve your life in every way?

The OYA-ORISHAS (Seven Color) 7-DAY CANDLE can help you with that!

This all-purpose candle can assist you with health problems, peace, fast luck, uncrossing and unjinxing, love, happiness, money, protection, and power. It measures 2 3/8 inches wide x 8 inches tall and burns for approximately 120 hours. The OYA-ORISHAS (Seven Color) 7-DAY CANDLE is made of 100% Paraffin Wax with a clean burning cotton wick (no lead).

Features & Benefits:

-All-purpose: This candle can help you with a variety of problems.

-Long-lasting: It burns for 120 hours, so that you can get a lot of use out of it.

-100% Paraffin Wax: This wax is clean burning, so you can feel good about using it.

-Cotton wick: The wick is also made of cotton, a natural material.

How it works: To use the OYA-ORISHAS (Seven Color) 7-DAY CANDLE, light it, and let it burn. The candle will release its helpful properties into the air, and you will start to see results in the areas of your life that you are struggling with.

If you are ready to improve your life in every way, buy the OYA-ORISHAS (Seven Color) 7-DAY CANDLE today!