Spell Breaker (Purple) 1 Color 7 Day Candle

This Spell Breaker (Purple) 1 Color 7 Day Candle is designed to help you break any spell, curse, or hex that has been placed upon you. Hand-crafted with all-natural beeswax, this candle packs a powerful punch against any negative energy. When lit, the flame projects a soft purple light, and it is believed that its mystical properties will help to cleanse and neutralize your environment.
It's also believed to bring protection and luck while ushering in positive vibrations to your space. With seven days of burning time, this candle can be used as part of a ritual or burned whenever needed to boost spirituality. If you're feeling stuck in life or something doesn't seem right, light this Spell Breaker (Purple) 1 Color 7 Day Candle and let the healing energy wash away any negativity.
Enjoy a renewed sense of peace and balance, knowing that you have taken control of your life. Give yourself the gift of protection, luck, and spiritual cleansing with this powerful candle!